Watch Out for the Little Green Light!

Did you know that cybercriminals can hack into your computer through your video camera or web camera? You might want to look up from your screen and check to make sure that the little green light near your built-in videocamera (typically found on a laptop computer) is not on. If it’s ever on while you are not using your videocamera, you & your information may be at risk!


Don’t be too alarmed, but your family and friends might not be the only ones watching you through the videocamera on your electronic devices, including your laptop computer, desktop computer, and even cell phone. Many people have unknowingly had their personal information hacked through the use of a built-in or plug-in videocameras. These hackers will gain access to your devices’ video system through malicious software that is downloaded on your electronic device when you accidentally click on a spam link. These spam messages are typically received via email, and can sometimes be hard to recognize or distinguish as spam, resulting in your device being compromised and your personal information (or worse, photos or video footage!) at risk of being stolen.


However, there’s no need to throw your plug-in videocamera out or stop Facetiming your family altogether! There are many precautions and ways to prevent hacking like this, as well as tell-tale signs that you can learn to protect yourself from an attack like this. First off, we at Jump Start Technology will send you a complimentary protective videocamera cover¬†that you can stick onto your laptop computer when you sign up for our email newsletter! This non-invasive little cover will slide open to allow access to your camera when you are using it, but can remain closed when you’re not – stopping any hackers in their tracks if they try to access your videocamera when you are not using it. In addition to receiving the free videocamera cover, signing up for our newsletter will give you access to the frequently released tips & tricks on how to identify a potential cyber threat and prevent one from affecting you. Additionally, our technicians have a wealth of knowledge about different software that they can install on your device(s) that will protect against any malware being downloaded on your computer that would allow hackers to gain access to your videocamera control system. If you are interested in protecting yourself, your business, or your family, please reach out to our team to assist you in making sure that your personal information is safe and give you peace of mind for using your videocamera from now on.

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