We’ve Got You Covered: Where & When You Need IT

The wonderful part about technology is that, for the most part, it relentlessly works in the background to make aspects of our lives faster, better, and more connected. However, on the flip-side, the unfortunate part about technology is that when it is not working, damage can be done and a lot of frustration can occur. People expect technology to always be working, but as with anything in life, nothing goes always as planned. That’s where JumpStart Technology steps in – we do our absolute best to have your technology needs covered where & when you need it, and our employees, partners, and programs work around the clock to ensure ‘ we’re experiencing technical difficulties’ is not a phrase in your vocabulary. Technology will do as technology does – break, falter, experience a power outage, become outdated, incur glitches or bugs, etc. – but Jump Start will be by your company’s side throughout all the ups, downs, & changes.

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s a faith in people.” – Steve Jobs

A few of the aspects of our business that we take the most pride in are being adaptable, flexible, and innovative. As technology changes, so do we and our practices. Each of our valued clients are individual, important, and unique to us – and we guarantee to treat you like so throughout the entirety of ourĀ  service. In order to best fit the needs of your individual situation, you will receive at least one head technician, specifically dedicated to your contract, who will constantly work to understand the changes needs & nuances of your individual IT network and infrastructure. In addition, we have established strong connections with a multitude of retailers, distributors, and software services within the industry. Therefore, we are able to stay up to date with the latest upgrades, trends, and options for all aspects of technology, and pass this information and expertise along to our clients. We go far beyond a typical 9am – 5pm workday and offer overtime services in order to ensure that no matter the time of day, you can count on our assistance.


In addition, as a family-owned-and-operated-business, we truly understand the value of team work and dedication. We have come across many unique circumstances in our company’s history of situations in which we have had to put all our heads together to find a new solution. We have successfully completely multiple across-the-country office moves for some of our clients, and remotely operated & updated their newly established IT networks too. As your business expands and changes, so does ours, and it gives us so much pride and satisfaction in seeing your company blossom. We have seen clients of all sizes outgrow their office spaces and current technology capabilities, just to subsequently thrive in their new setup – time & time again. No matter how big, no matter how small, no matter the industry, JumpStart Technology has you covered. And if we don’t currently have a software solution or answer to your problem or have moved a client to that location before, we can assure you that we will not stop until we have succeeded in making technology blend seamlessly and work flawlessly. We strive to save the world one network at a time, will you allow us to save one more?